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The Glutathione Story

Your life depends on glutathione. This small protein is produced naturally in the body and is essential for providing four critical roles: it is “food” for the immune system, it is the major detoxification enzyme in the liver, it sustains cellular energy and finally, it is recognized as your body’s “Master” antioxidant.

Without glutathione, your cells would oxidize, your body would fall ill and your liver would be overwhelmed by toxins.

Although this crucial natural substance that is found in every cell of your body has been known for over a century, it is only in the last few decades that an explosion of research has revealed its true potential. The key piece to the puzzle is how to raise your own glutathione levels most efficiently and safely. This has now been worked out and the clinical success well established.

Dr. Jimmy Gutman

Foremost Authority on Glutathione

1) An overview of the resilience factor with respect to to Immunocal
Immunocal supplementation increases the capacity of the individual / athlete to deal with oxidative stress by increasing glutathione status - thus making them more resilient to the stressors of training / competing / traveling etc.

With this increased resiliency we would expect to see less downtime due to illness and injury…

Every pro athlete is faced with the following on a daily basis – are you available to train and or compete.

Reducing downtime his a huge issue for teams across the board

Our papers on muscular performance as well as our experimental research demonstrating how Immunocal may improve resiliency in traumatic brain injuries (important given the recent literature on heading the ball).

2) Improves non specific immune response and how it can help you live better
Finally, unlike specific antiviral drugs or vaccines which may induce viral mutation hence resistance to therapy, the normalization of the lymphocyte glutathione levels and redox status through a cysteine delivery system represents a totally different approach by which the natural defense system is boosted

In addition I have included three important testimonials from Orreco , Rowing Canada and Oregon TC Elite.

ORRECO provides leading sports teams and professional franchises with ground-breaking biomarker analysis through a global network of partner laboratories. The choice of Champions, ORRECO provides services to elite athletes competing at the highest level of sport including multiple World and Olympic Medalists. "In the world of elite sport there are very small margins between victory and defeat. A key element of high performance is the ability to optimize training response and to limit the number of days lost to illness and injury. Immunocal played a key role in our recovery strategies through the 2012 Olympic cycle, helping to keep ORRECO athletes healthy and well in their pursuit of peak performance." - Dr. Brian Moore, Managing Director, ORRECO

Rowing Canada Aviron rowing Canada Aviron (rCA) is a non-profit organization recognized by the Government of Canada and the Canadian Olympic Committee as the national governing body for the sport of rowing in Canada. "Rowing Canada Aviron is very pleased to collaborate with Immunotec in the provision of products in support of our National Rowing Program. Optimizing recovery, performance and wellness in our high performance athletes over the course of the season is crucial to maximizing individual and team performances and Immunotec's supplements play an important role towards this objective for many athletes." - Peter Cookson, High Performance Director, rowing Canada Aviron

Oregon Track Club Elite The difference between achieving results at Major Championships come down to the 1%'s. "I believe that Immunocal gives OTC Elite athletes that 1% difference in their nutritional and recovery strategies. Since beginning our relationship with Immunotec, our athletes recovery strategies have shown marked improvement and the proof is in our results at the Major Championships." - Mark rowland, Head Coach,
  Oregon Track Club Elite

John Molson

Research Ambassador

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