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Over 160,000 Case Studies to date on Glutathione

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  • 25 Years in the PDR and CPS

    The United States` Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR) and Canada’s Compendium of Pharmaceutical Specialties (CPS), are two of the most respected sources of information for the medical profession.


The Immunocal Story

Immunocal is an all-natural protein discovered and developed by scientists over 40 years ago with the objective of strengthening our immune system.

This specially-prepared and proprietary whey protein isolate containing Bonded Cysteine™, is a medically recognized method of raising glutathione, our body’s master antioxidant. It is the major constituent in our battle against free radicals and oxidative stress.  Having the highest biological value of any edible protein, Immunocal also provides critical detoxification and vital cellular energy.

Backed by over 60 published studies, Immunocal has shown benefit in many health challenges affecting us every day. And for those who already are in good health, maintaining and even improving mental and physical performance is important.

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