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To move forward, you have to give back – Oprah Wilson.

Glutathione’s String Bracelets, what’s special about them?

As it’s clear that white, black, and particularly red string bracelets are used within many cultures, religions, and traditions, nearly all have similar beliefs surrounding wearing the left wrist strings. Thus, we would like to honor the various communities who have a rich history in herbal medicines and their healing properties. 

Wearing a Glutathione string bracelet is a way to show your support for various different communities. Generally, orange is known to be a color that provides motivation, a positive attitude, and general enthusiasm for life. Traditionally, it symbolizes success, encouragement, joy, sunshine, and happiness.

Our orange bracelet is mixed with yellow - the color of wisdom inspiring creativity, imagination, and confidence along with a slight red tempering - the color of passion and energy. This mixture is often highly regarded.

In addition to wearing the bracelet to feel connected to others, many wearers use it to symbolize that they are loved, supported, safe, and protected. When they look at the bracelet, they can bring themselves back into this positive state of mind, allowing them to face adversities.

Here at Glutathione, we feel a responsibility to not only give back to various communities but we also want to help people feel more connected through our products and messaging.

How We Give Back To Community?

With the purchase of every String Bracelet and Glutathione product, we will support a different  charity every quarter with a cash donation. This donation will include the total price of every bracelet sold.

A Brief History of String (Sacred) Bracelets:

The string around your wrist is called sai sin. In the early days, it was a ritual of Monks to give string bracelets to you for good luck, and relatives and friends will provide you with this during your wedding. Further, it’s also common for families to place these bracelets on each other during every Thai New Year in Thailand.

White string bracelets are naturally buoyant and pleasing to the eye. It symbolizes innocence, protection, transparency, and knowledge. It’s a spiritual color that represents the highest possible frequency.

For many wearers, it’s a belief that these strings are majestic, especially, the red string as it wards off and absorbs negative energy, protecting its wearer. Further, it is used as a visual reminder for the wearer to provide help and love to those around them.

In general, the idea of wearing a Red String around the wrist dates back many hundreds of years, with some of the earliest mentions occurring in the Old Testament of the Bible.

A Common Misconception about Red String:

The Red String Bracelet is often thought to be only used within one culture, religion, or tradition. Many different traditions have similar beliefs surrounding wearing red strings on the wrist.